Test&Review – Spyd 3.0 tested by Road.cc: “Excellent”

Spyd 3.0 was tested for 3,000 km by an editor of the popular English cycling website Road.cc. Spyd 3.0 proved to be a top saddle both in terms of overall quality and the quality/price ratio.

To summarize the article, we propose the conclusions reached by the journalist.

SCORE: EXCELLENT (4,5 stars)

VERDICT: 9/10Reasonably priced carbon rail saddle that provides outstanding comfort on even the longest rides.

VALUE: The Spyd 3.0 costs £164.83, which is cheaper than some carbon-railed saddles that have scored well, such as the Bontrager Aeolus Pro, that Rebecca (other journalist) thought was very good, and the SQlab 612 Ergowave, both of which are priced at £199.99.

The Fizik Vento Antares R3 is slightly cheaper at £149.99, but its length and shape didn’t really work for our reviewer Ed, quite a bit heavier at 205g.

Saddles with full-carbon shells and carbon rails are often a lot more; the Prologo Dimension Nack CPC 143, for example, which Tom reviewed last year, is £226.99

CONCLUSIONS: “I’ve used the Spyd 3.0 for long rides of over 150km, with a total distance nearing 3000km, and the level of comfort it provides has allowed me to complete much of these distances seated, without any soreness. It’s a lightweight saddle that has delivered genuine all-day comfort at a very reasonable price, quickly becoming my go-to brand and model for both road and off-road riding”.

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