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bikerumor.com: Repente widens, shortens new ultralight Magnet & Latus CL carbon saddles

Saddle maker Repente adds two new short, compact saddle shapes to their lightweight arsenal with the carbon-railed Magnet & Latus CL, both interestingly without their modular rail system. The Magnet was created as an ultralight, snub-nosed saddle for triathlon & time trials, and the Latus CL for riders with wide sit bones. But as we’ve […]

bikerumor.com: World Cup U23 XC winning Protek 29FSTeam mountain bike of Vlad Dascalu

Last summer we took a look at Protek’s carbon full-suspension XC race bike. But now, just off a World Cup U23 win, we see that Protek & the BrujulaBike have been working together to tweak the bike to create a more refined cross-country race bike. While it’s easy to get excited over an all-new bike, […]

bikerumor.com: Saddle Hits: Repente Revo Collection, limited team edition modular saddles

Known for premium bike travel cases, Scicon is hopping into (onto?) the saddle market with a new Elan Carbon ergonomic performance saddle, building on years of industry expertise and an in-house bike fitting division. At the same time, established saddle making veterans Velo are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a special Angel TT saddle, plus […]

bikerumor.com: Repente Aleena, Comptus & Kuma – unique modular, interchangeable full carbon saddle

Italian start-up Repente has a new lightweight carbon fiber saddle concept using a modular set of rails/frame and separate saddle tops. The idea is that their RLS setup allows riders to quickly and securely swap the saddle cover/shape, while retaining the same full carbon saddle support structure below. While you (and we) may question why […]

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