Revo Collection

Thanks to the partnership with the Revo Racing Team (USA), Repente presents Revo Collection, a new series of saddles inspired by the creativity of the New York “fixie” style.
The ultralight carbon-made Aleena and Comptus are proposed with a special graphic and in various colors: a touch of originality for those who want to embellish their bikes with a saddle/frame combination that will not go unnoticed!


Its sharp lines are a metaphor of speed. Road bikers love it. With its 130 grams, ALEENA represents the super-light of padded seats. Its eye-catching design is the touch of class that can make any bike shine. The anatomic channel relieves pressure on the prostate area without reducing the support surface. Comfort is guaranteed by the self-shaping effect of EVA non-allergenic material and by the anatomical recesses in the rear saddle.


COMPTUS is a mix of qualities: comfort, lightness, performance, elegance. Its extraordinary comfort has been validated by the most sophisticated pressure-measuring tests: millibars never so low thanks to a homogeneous distribution of weight on its surface. Dimension and shapes come from the analysis of the conformations of the average normotype. It will allow you to stay comfortable in the saddle and to move smoothly from the sitting position to the one on the pedals. COMPTUS is suitable for both road bike and MTB. The Rc-Base + the cover with unidirectional carbon shell and EVA padding weigh just 135 grams.

  • 135 g
  • Full Carbon
  • Comfort without Compromise
  • REVO Exclusive graphics

Who they are?

Revo Racing Team are a fixed gear racing team, created by family and friends.
Their goal is to race the Red Hook Crit series and many other crits all over the world.
They are four in the team, and are all looking to perform the best they can and show their jersey up front on the races they take part in. Tobias and William having already proven that they can be up there.

William will attempt to beat the French Hour record later this year, and for this, he needs to pay fees to the federation, book the velodrome and pay for commissaries and anti-doping.

Official Site

Tobias Lewis

He is the creator of the team, he is based in NY and has been racing fixed crits the longest. He already has been consistently in the points and we believe can do great things this year.

Jeremy Santucci
(aka Tucci Gucci)

He is their Rockstar, he’s been on a rising curve year after year and we think he will be fighting for the finals all over this season.

William Lewis

He is now in his third year fixed gear racing and has gained a lot of experience. He finished 11th last year in London, only showing the tip of his potential has his season was crippled with an injury. Furthermore he is eager to perform at its best and will be gunning for a top 5 overall.

Charmaine Porter

She is a newbie to the scene, but don’t get fooled, she’s not a weak cyclist. She finished 4th in the UK national crit champs in 2017 and has been getting stronger and stronger, we just can’t wait for her to race later this season.

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