RLS Technology

Repente Locking Sytem

A cyclist trains in environmental and specific conditions that are constantly changing due to a number of factors: different seasons and weather, type of route, distance covered, type of workout, and individual physical and physiological characteristics.

Finding a suitable seat is a source of concern for many cyclists, at both competitive and amateur level: pain, numbness, soreness or, worse, prostate/urinary tract disorders are unpleasant ride companions.

REPENTE gives you multiple seats in one: you can choose which cover to fit depending on specific anatomical, performance and aesthetic requirements.

Thanks to the patented RLS locking system, approved after exacting tests in the lab and on the road, you can choose a combination that will help you get the most well-being and power out of each pedal stroke. Repente allows you to maintain your riding position unchanged – eliminating any risk of joint and muscular disorders.



Check that the rubber O-ring is inserted in the pins


Place the cover on the base and Insert the pins in the corresponding holes


Press to insert the pin all the way into the base and insert the Seeger ring into the special groove in the pin head