“Cycling is an art”

The Repente project is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of a pool of Italian managers, engineers and designers – who decided to share their experience, gained in decades of top-level, industry-specific work to create innovative products that reflect the state of the art in cycling.

Behind the Repente brand are years of research, design and development. Extensive R&D, aimed at developing innovative concepts, materials and construction solutions up to the highest of standards, and designs able to meet the aesthetic requirements of even the most demanding users. And we should know about demanding: we have waited this long because we are the most demanding of all. Today, we can finally offer sports cyclists something that was not there before, real advantages that go beyond empty claims. So here we are, ready to accept a threefold challenge: make you comfortable in the saddle, make you go fast, make you love your bicycle even more.

Our chosen motto, “Cycling is an art”, is not about us, it is about our love for our sport. The contribution that we want to make to cycling is the fruit of our experience, passion and technology. Cycling is inside us: we live and breathe it, just like you.

Repente, for those who…

ALEENA, COMPTUS, KUMA, PRIME and SPYD are not just average seats. We wanted to ensure the highest quality, and we used everything that technology and ergonomics have in store to achieve the highest standards of comfort, reliability, lightness and design.

What makes REPENTE seats unique is their exclusive RLS System, which allows for cover interchangeability in one simple and safe operation: while maintaining the same basic structure, different models can be fitted to suit your needs. This system will make sure that you always have the seat type best suited to your body (and why not, your bicycle) – with obvious financial savings.

With REPENTE, it’s OK to change your mind!

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Nothing more than what you need

We have designed our seats with the goal of doing without what the rider does not need. It is not so obvious as it sounds. REPENTE seats are shaped on the basis of the rider’s anatomical characteristics and the principles of ergonomics; we specifically decided to do without any feature that would not actually add to the user’s comfort and athletic performance.

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Any project implies a challenge: ours was to create high-end seat combining top performance and minimised weight. We can proudly state that the light weights achieved with our saddles place them at the top end of the padded seat range.
It would be easy to reach this goal by compromising on the comfort of those who choose our products. It is a proven fact that saddle comfort is a crucial factor in the quality of athletic performance. The choices of professional cyclists are the most obvious proof.

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Design: Italian DNA

Those who love Italian style will not miss the fact that our products are an expression of Italian design – simply another name for class, everywhere in the world. Lines with a racing-inspired, sleek, bold look, sophisticated graphics and expertly matched materials turn REPENTE products into added value for any bicycle.
Painstaking care applied to every finishing detail, both on the upper surface and in the structural part of the seat. A great product must also look great, and we know.

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Comfort comes first

Light weight and comfort: REPENTE saddles have got this mix just right. The shell is covered with a thin layer of foam for a self-forming effect while at the same time ensuring the necessary reactivity to body weight.
The rear part of the surface includes two small anatomical recesses at contact points. Their purpose is to make the seat more comfortable and reduce unintentional movements in the saddle – making it easier to maintain the same riding position.
In the tip end of the saddles, the thickness of the padding layer has been increased, so to offer the ultimate advantage in the “seat-tip” sitting position, used by cyclists in their maximum effort.

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