Test & Review – off.road.cc: “Artax GLM, extremely comfortable with competitive weight and suitable for on or off-road use”

Artax is the saddle that we have dedicated to gravel cycling, but it’s proving a really versatile saddle. This is also the opinion of Matt Page, journalist of off.road.cc, who tested the GLM version (142 mm wide). 

Some sentences we like to quote: “I found the level of comfort superb, with the slightly scooped rear section holding me in the right position and the open channel reducing soft tissue pressure. 

The Artax GLM just felt perfect and by the end of the first ride, which was a reasonable 90km, it felt good with no discomfort or rubbing which can sometimes happen when using a new saddle.

If you are after a lightweight saddle but don’t want to compromise on comfort the Repente Artax GLM is a saddle to seriously consider and for me, it is a saddle that I found instantly comfortable, even for long rides, and is one of the most comfortable saddles I have ever used“.

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