– Repente Latus M Carbon saddle review

Warren Rossiter, BIKERADAR.COM.
Repente’s Latus M Carbon is a unisex short saddle designed for road cycling and mountain biking.
Since Specialized launched its original Power model in 2015, short saddles have become the go-to design for riders seeking freedom of leg movement and a shape that enables you to hold a sporty ride position for longer periods without undue pressure.

Specialized Power and San Marco Shortfit both offer swoopy shapes, whereas Fabric and Prologo offer flatter designs. Repente’s Latus design sits firmly in the latter category with the Latus M being notably flat and wide-profiled.

The back of the saddle has a subtle upward kick to aid seated stability but the over-riding design is that of a racing-flat profile.

The Latus has a wide, central pressure-relieving channel running from the nose back to the mid-point of the saddle’s heel, while the short, stubby nose broadens into a rounded shape towards its rear.

The 240mm length and generous 142mm width is well suited to an aggressive, forward riding position, and the high-density but low-volume EVA padding offers great comfort levels.

Where Repente scores big, however, is in the construction of the rails and hull, both of which are made from unidirectional T700 carbon.

The oversized carbon rails are designed to work with the full carbon-hull fibre to allow for road buzz-killing compliance. The rails also allow for plenty of adjustment to find the most comfortable position.

On the bike you can feel the saddle hull working in gentle compliance with your pedal stroke, making the Latus less of a perch and more like a cushioned seat that flexes as you push down and pull up on the pedals.

The polyurethane leather-like upper is lightly textured, which delivers excellent purchase even in the wet, and the finishing and bonding of the cover is clean and crease-free – as I’d expect of a premium product. It’s also one of the lightest saddles of its type at just 139.9g.
Repente is the youngest of the Italian saddle brands but it mixes just enough of the latest tech with traditional manufacturing methods to create a very competitive, short-nose design.

The Latus M is exceptionally lightweight and it’s a saddle I’ll be continuing to ride on way past my usual test period. However, with its distinctive flat profile and cut-off nose, it’s unlikely to suit everybody.