Heft 06 | 2018 – Test Track on Aleena Saddle


The Italian start-up Repente has developed road bike saddles in which the pad is attached to a carbon shell. The advantage: if the coating is damaged after long use it is not necessary to replace the entire saddle. By changing the pad, you can also change the saddle shape or save weight. Depending on the type of the race, the training session or the tour, the saddle can be adjusted. With the Repente Locking System (RLS) you can change the padding in a few steps and fasten it safely.
There are three different models in different designs, the most expensive of which is “Aleena 4.0“, with a very low weight of just 130 grams. A negative point: the ambitious price of 328 euros. Thanks to the longitudinal cut, the base-shell made of carbon is flexible and offers a certain cushioning comfort. A bridge connection at the rear-end should prevent excessive movement in the pelvis. The carbon fiber from T700 fibers was pressed by autoclaving and was therefore intended to be longer lasting and more resistant.