PRIME & SPYD: Non-deformable seats with a mix of carbon and technopolymers

Lightweight, comfortable and appealing: Repente prepares the launch of a new line of high quality seats

REPENTE is proud to announce a new generation of high quality seats: Prime and Spyd. Thanks to their lightness, outstanding technical characteristics and the quality of the materials used, they are an excellent alternative to full carbonmodels.

“We wanted to combine comfort and lightness with great value and I must say that we are really proud of our work” – said Massimo Farronato, Repente’s CEO –. “At Interbike Prime and Spyd were praised both for their design and applied construction criteria and for their finishing quality. Before the end of the year they will be available commercially“.

The RLS locking system for cover changing, a technology patented by Repente in previous models, has been extended to these two new seats. Prime and Spyd, too, therefore, consist of a universal base part with rail (frame) and a cover – turning the whole assembly into a single element, sturdy and extremely durable.

The frame is made of T700 unidirectional carbonfibre, while the main base is made of woven carbon fibre, laminated in a thermoplastic matrix. The structure ensures exceptionally highstrength, together with very low weight. This is a non-deformable structure, whose stiffness is compensated by the ergonomic shapingand by the quality of the padding, a feature also shared by the full carbon Aleena, Comptus and Kuma models.

The cover shell, which will fit onto that of the base, is the result of a mixture between a noble polymer and carbon fibres.Differentiated thickness paddingin hypo-allergenic polyurethane ensures the right level of comfort for the seat. The density of the material has been optimised to avoid feelings of numbness and pain.

Prime and Spyd share a slightly narrower tip than the Repente full carbon models. Painstaking attention is given to design features right down to the smallest details, in line with the most sophisticated, purely Italian taste.  The seats’ price will be below 200 euro.

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Prime’s main characteristic is its anatomical opening to help ease pressure on the perineal/prostate area. Prime offers the optimum mix of rigidity, particularly appreciated by competitive cyclists, and comfort, requested by those who prefer longer rides. With its streamlined, minimal design and 165 grams in weight, it is a top class product in its market segment. It accompanies the pedaling movement by supporting the lateral shift with the right degree of torsion, typical of “open” design saddles.

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The more uniform the contact area over the whole surface of the seat, the greater the cyclist’s comfort. This precondition forms the basis for the construction concept used for Spyd, the seat that combines relief given by the central anatomical channel with a design modelled to suit the structure of the ischial district. Sturdy and comfortable, Spyd will allow you to find your optimum position in the seat in a highly natural way. It weighs in at just 175 grams.