Real Steel Ride: FAGGIN Acciaio Review

 width=When a bike brand has been around for over 70 years, you don’t ask “are they any good?”, you ask “when can I ride one?” Italian bicycle frame builder Faggin (Say: Fah-JEEN) Accaiao DOGE road bike shows how good riding steel can be when it comes from the hands of a master builder. Here’s the PezCycling first look. My guess is Faggin is a brand not many of you have heard of, and even fewer can pronounce correctly, but they’ve been building fine handcrafted bicycles for longer than most of you have been alive. The first comment when I posted my video to the PEZCycling Youtube channel referenced a derogatory slur. But if you’re Italian, and know fine handcrafted steel road bikes, you’ll know exactly how to say it. […]  width=The Aleena 4.0 saddle is by new Italian brand Repente – who PEZ-Fans saw in our first round of Interbike coverage here. This cool design features a removable / swappable top padding that snaps onto a carbon fibre base & rails, allowing riders to choose between a variety of colors, foam thicknesses, weights and densities.          


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