The shell is the soul of the saddle, the structure on which your comfort and the effectiveness of your pedaling depend. Most of the studies carried out by Repente are concentrated in the design of the shell to ensure that the saddle meets the most severe ergonomic requirements (to best facilitate muscular work) and of anatomy (to avoid pain and numbness in the different positions assumed by the cyclist). All this without neglecting resistance and achieving lightness thanks to our uncompromising use of prime materials.


In the saddles with a 100% carbon structure the shells are made with T700 fiber, an ideal compromise of mechanical strength and flexibility, which for the cyclist turn into reliability and comfort.
In the case of Aleena 4.0, the shell is made by the overlapping of two support surfaces with three fixing screws (proprietary RLS technology).


Polyurethane, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, is used with specific densities to make it
comfortable and responsive to the stresses transmitted by the ground.