The saddle rails can have a significant impact on the quality of your riding experience. The rails of our saddles have been designed and tested to ensure safety, comfort and stability during cycling. The dimensions and shapes of the sections allow the control of the pressure over the whole surface of the saddle, with the right mix of stiffness and lateral flexibility.

AISI Steel

The rail is made of a hollow tube of Aisi Stainless Steel, a type of steel with extremely high mechanical properties. Repente has further strengthened it with a particular shot peening process named Shot 304, which hardens the surface and makes it even more resistant. If the strength of steel is what you want, this is the lightest one.


For the production of the rail we use a hollow tube in Chromoly, a steel alloy that combines chromium and molybdenum. Cromoly steel is renowned for its high strength-to-weight ratio. No compromise on tightness and resistance.