Latus CL: the 152 mm compact saddle by Selle Repente

The latest creation by Italian saddle manufacturers Selle Repente is Latus CL. To meet the needs of users who are after wider seats, the Italian brand has added a compact and lightweight saddle to its range.

Latus CL’s dimensions are 240 mm x 152 mm, with a weight of just 145 grams.

The structure is made of unidirectional carbon fibre with a Twill weave reinforcement, autoclave-processed to enhance the mechanical properties of this material. It features differential section rails.

Latus CL (which in Latin means “150 – wide”) has a flattened rear support surface to offer the best support even in the case of very far apart ischial tuberosities (“sit bones”)

The saddle is crossed axially by a channel, whose shape follows the rider’s bone profile matching the inclination of the pelvis. The anatomical channel reaches its maximum depth where this is most useful to help ease pressure on the perineal area. 

The curvature between the wider part of the saddle and the more tapered front has been designed to guarantee maximum freedom of leg movement and to avoid any inner thigh chafing.

Viewed from the side, the upper profile of the saddle has a slight central gap, whose purpose is to help cyclists maintain the most comfortable riding position preventing any sliding forward.