Cyclocross: two national champions on Repente saddles

Two gold medals, one silver medal and a bronze one are the achievements of Nesta – Skoda Alecar, the Asturian team sponsored by Selle Repente, at the absolute Spanish cyclocross championships.

Iván Feijoo confirmed his title of Spanish U23 champion at the end of a race dominated from the start in a very fast and dry circuit.

Lucía González, the ruler of this season, wore the yellow and red jersey among the elites.

Kevin Suarez is the national vice-champion among the elites, while Alain Suarez won the bronze in the juniores race and Dani Ania finished tenth in the élite.

The athletes of Team Nesta – Skoda Alecar ride on Prime 2.0 and Spyd 2.0 saddles, with a T700 unidirectional carbon rail and the base in PA12 reinforced with long carbon fibers.

In this season they have achieved 33 victories