Cyclingnews’ look at the world’s best cycling gear

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The Repente Latus CL is aimed at performance-minded cyclists who require a wider saddle; riders whose ischial tuberosities – sit bones to you and me – are farther apart and for whom a 130mm saddle is akin to a razor blade. However, fortunately, it also follows the recent trend of short-nosed saddles, with which this writer has found plenty of success. 

At first appearance, primarily due to the short nose, the saddle certainly looks very wide, but given I usually fall between 147 and 155mm, I trusted the 152mm Latus would be anything but uncomfortable. Of course, saddle comfort is an entirely personal matter, so my own experience of comfort is likely to be of little use to you, however, as a cyclist who finds seating-success in a 147mm Specialized Power, the transition to the Repente Latus CL has been seamless. 

The Latus CL is only available in the 152mm width, however, the Repente carbon-railed range does feature a number of narrower options. Their 140mm Magnet is a narrower short-nosed saddle, and the Kuma, Comptus and Aleena models offer more traditional shapes. 

The Latus CL features a flattened rear surface which, according to Repente, is designed to increase support for those with “very far apart sit bones”. The centre channel is claimed to ease pressure on the perineal area, and the curvature between front and rear has been designed to guarantee freedom of movement and reduce inner thigh chafing. 

After 400km of use, I would agree. The Latus CL would be optimal for someone with wider sit bones than I possess, but due to the short nose, there has been little in the way of discomfort. 

At 145g (quoted), the weight is very competitive against its peers. For example, the 155mm S-Works Power tips the scales at 151g and the 152mm Pro Stealth at 179g. The material is a water-based microfiber/PU, which thanks to show-room polish, initially had a bit of slip and slide, but 20km later was as secure and supportive as necessary.