Repente dazzles with REVO series of painted saddles

A new brand of saddles launched last winter under the name REPENTE, offering a range of models called the ALEENA, COMPTUS and KUMA, which featured a full carbon construction and a unique padding system called RLS (REPENTE Locking System) that allows the rider to select amongst three different saddles covers that best suits his or her riding style and conditions.

REPENTE has expanded upon the success of its ALEENA and COMPTUS saddles with a series of new dazzling paint schemes aimed at celebrating its partnership with the NYC-based REVO Racing Team.


In the case of the COMPTUS, REPENTE says it extols all of the virtues of “comfort, lightness, performance and elegance” all in one saddle, providing a perfectly balanced outer-shell and contour that ensures a seamless transition from a seated position to out-of-the saddle pedaling.

The real news here however, are the striking paint schemes REPENTE has chosen for its REVO series, resulting in a bold and exciting aesthetic for the ALEENA and COMPTUS that offers a welcomed departure from a traditional black saddle.

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You can learn more about the REVO series by visiting the REVO Collection page.