Caja Rural’s line up for La Vuelta 2019

Once again, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA looks forward to its main sporting challenge of the season: the Tour of Spain. The team has not missed this race since 2012, showing combativeness and attitude in each of their participations.However, the green squad does not want to lose their hallmarks for their eighth consecutive Vuelta, with a young and strong lineup and many riders formed in the elite and sub 23 team. Of the eight cyclists who make up the alignment, three count 24 years or less. The most veteran will be Pardilla, who faces his sixth Tour of Spain aged 35. The line up of Caja Rural-Seguros RGA for the Vuelta 2019 comprise: Jon Aberasturi, Álex Aranburu, Sergei Chernetskii, Domingos Gonçalves, Jonathan Lastra, Sergio Pardilla Cristian Rodríguez and Gonzalo Serrano.
José Miguel Fernández (sports director): We arrive with our eight most qualified riders to face a race like La Vuelta a España. It is a very compensated team to try to perform well in all areas. On the one hand, we have Aberasturi or Aranburu, who have proven to be at a very high level In the last Tour of Burgos. Jon is a purer sprinter, while Alex is better at the finals with more demanding climb. On the other hand, Lastra, Serrano, Chernetskii or Gonçalves will take care of give us presence in those breaks that may reach and will reach the finish line. Finally, Cristian and Pardilla are our climbers, which will surely shine in the mountain stages. We have a plus of confidence thanks to the performance in Vuelta Burgos. The Vuelta is a very different and much more demanding race than Burgos, but these last results always make us dream a little stronger with a stage victory in La Vuelta a España This will be the main objective for us and we will fight every day, without forgetting that we must be protagonists as much as possible.