World Cup U23 XC winning Protek 29FSTeam mountain bike of Vlad Dascalu

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Last summer we took a look at Protek’s carbon full-suspension XC race bike. But now, just off a World Cup U23 win, we see that Protek & the BrujulaBike have been working together to tweak the bike to create a more refined cross-country race bike. While it’s easy to get excited over an all-new bike, it can be equally as interesting to see how small changes can evolve a bike over time.


Interestingly the team are racing on Repente’s lightweight, modular carbon saddle system, with a removable top clipped onto a carbon base & rails. Repente officially says that Dascalu races their lightest 130g Aleena saddle. But it seems he actually prefers the newer and slightly heavier (still just 158g on our scale) Prime that shares the same carbon base, but uses a lower cost PU foam with a nylon base and a more cutout design for the top. He also seems to have crashed a bit on this saddle, but thanks to the Repente system – just pull three clips and he can replace the top without readjusting his saddle in just a couple of minutes. The saddle is also mounted on a matching big weave Protek zero offset carbon seatpost.

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