Repente widens, shortens new ultralight Magnet & Latus CL carbon saddles

Saddle maker Repente adds two new short, compact saddle shapes to their lightweight arsenal with the carbon-railed Magnet & Latus CL, both interestingly without their modular rail system. The Magnet was created as an ultralight, snub-nosed saddle for triathlon & time trials, and the Latus CL for riders with wide sit bones. But as we’ve seen the expansion of wide and short saddles across many disciplines, these two could appeal to a wide rider base, employing a new lightweight fixed carbon base & rail design.

Repente ultralight fixed UD carbon bike saddles

Repente Magnet & Latus CL carbon saddles, ultralight fixed base UD carbon rail bike saddles

Selle Repente’s standout feature had been their modular Repente Locking System (RLS) which created a structural saddle base & rails onto which you could quickly snap interchangeable saddle tops. But their latest Magnet & Latus CL saddles drop that modularity in favor of a lightweight one-piece solution for riders looking for an ultralight, compact saddle.

Repente Magnet lightweight carbon TT/Triathlon saddle

Repente Magnet & Latus CL carbon saddles, ultralight fixed base UD carbon rail bike saddles

The new 250€ Magnet is Repente’s first foray into the compact/short saddle design that become something of a hit, partly driven by Specialized’s successful Power saddle. With the UCI limiting saddle tips to behind the bottom bracket, riders looking for forward positions have continued to opt for snub-nosed designs. The 240mm long x 140mm wide Magnet hits square in that trend, with a wide-nose, a full-length center pressure-relief channel, and a flat top with lightweight EVA foam padding & a synthetic polyurethane cover with integral grippers.

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