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      Repente was among the first manufacturers to create saddles with specific anatomical and ergonomic features for gravel riding. We analysed cyclist postures, the environments in which gravel bike riding takes place, the geometries of the frames and the design of the bike components. In addition to this, our R&D department has relied on valuable collaboration by today's top performing athletes (Repente is the official sponsor to the Rodeolabs Pro Gravel Team and Alta Marca Gravel). 

      This study has led to Artax GL, a non-deformable reinforced carbon fibre saddle with all the qualities required to make a gravel biker happy. 

      Given the pedalling position, which is more vertical than on a racing bike, we have perfected the design and increased the thickness of the padding, without however affecting in any way the slender, stylish design of the saddle. 

      The rear part ensures comfortable support for the rider even after many hours, while the central anatomical opening effectively relieves any pressure on the perineal area. The shape of the front minimises friction on the leg and allows maximum freedom of movement. Thanks to the curved tip profile, cyclists can pedal standing up and then go back to the sitting position seamlessly.

      We have chosen a special non-slip cover material, which is just as effective when wet. 

      Gravel is fun, relaxation, exploration: get ready to enjoy this new, breakthrough cycling experience with Artax GL.  

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