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      Don't stop at the surface

      Repente's technologies

      If you want to fully appreciate the quality of a REPENTE seat, do not stop at the surface. Turn it over and check what’s underneath.
      A REPENTE seat does not have a “dark side”: ours is a 360° approach to quality. Inspect every detail of the shell: its carefully shaped design with a clever combination of thicker areas and gaps, materials that blend into each other and harmonious lines.

      Marvel at the smoothness and lightness of the best carbon fibre composites. In a REPENTE seat, nothing ishidden: what you see is what you get.

      Repente Locking System.

      The patented system that allows you to replace only the cover while maintaining the position of the saddle.

      Resistance Enhancement Autoclave.

      Carbon processing in an autoclave for a qualitatively superior product.

      Multi-section Carbon rail.

      Stiffness, support and flexibility. Saddles designed to ensure maximum comfort.

      Long Carbon Fiber

      A system developed to increase the resistance and non-deformability of the structure.


      Repente locking system

      Thanks to the patented RLS locking system, approved after exacting tests in the lab and on the road, you can choose a combination that will help you get the most well-being and power out of each pedal stroke. Repente allows you to maintain your riding position unchanged – eliminating any risk of joint and muscular disorders.


      The RLS technology for the interchangeability of the covers is applicable within the following homogeneous groups of saddles:

      2 - PRIME - SPYD - PRIME 2.0 - SPYD 2.0 - ARTAX GL



      Resistance Enhancement Autoclave

      The structural components of REPENTE full carbon seats are produced using T700 carbon fibre. Machining is not done by moulding, but by autoclaving. This process requires longer working cycles and higher production costs, but the quality of the end product is significantly higher. The carbon fibre composite will not undergo external stress, therefore, its mechanical properties remain unchanged. In addition, autoclave processing eliminates the problem of micro-gaps in the fibres. The applied A.R.E technology allows us to make the best use of the carbon fibre material and ensure the highest degree of strength and reliability for our seats. Four years of guarantee are our pledge to you.



      Multi-section Carbon rail

      In a REPENTE seat, the rail does not just have a supporting function. The horizontal elements of the carbon fibre structure have been designed with differential cross-sections – to achieve the right mix of rigidity and flexibility throughout the support plane. The rear ends have been flattened to provide more homogeneous rigidity to the most heavily stressed part of the seat, while the front ends merge into a single, sturdy structural element. Pressure applied to the seat in the various riding stages is always under control. Smooth lines are also at the front, where the two modulated section support arms harmoniously blend into the tip.

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      Long Carbon Fibers

      To ensure that the saddle does not lose its rigidity and its shape over time, Repente’s R&D department has developed the LCF (Long Carbon Fibers) technology: instead of plain carbon fibre “chops”, longer carbon fibers are added to the resin which, thanks to a special injection process, are arranged to match the longitudinal flow of the material, until they form a sort of weave that increases the strength of the structure. As demonstrated by the tests carried out, this technology minimizes the risk of deformation or collapse of the shell.