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      Mtb Saddles

      selle mtb
      What does a biker ask of his saddle? Comfort , resistance , ease in frequent changes of position.
      If we also add lightness , here is the portrait of saddles for mountain bikes designed by Repente to meet the needs of those who practice this discipline.
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      Aleena 4.0 - 130g Aleena 4.0 - 130g
      From €328,00
      Kuma 4.0 - 145g Kuma 4.0 - 145g
      Spyd -170g Spyd -170g
      Prime - 160g Prime - 160g
      Spyd 2.0 - 180g Spyd 2.0 - 180g
      Prime 2.0 -170g Prime 2.0 -170g

      The saddle for mtb enthusiasts

      What does a biker ask of their saddle? Comfort, strength, easy position adjustments. If we add light weight, we will have named all the main features of the saddles designed by Repente to meet the needs of mountain bikers.

      Whether it is enduro, cross country or downhill, Repente provides MTB enthusiasts with top performing products, tested to both ensure power in uphill rides and dampen vibrations on bumpy ground. The slim, minimal shape of our off-road saddles facilitates trajectory adjustments, maximising ridability even on the most demanding trails. 

      Racing courses are the best testing grounds: many off-road athletes have chosen Repente, including Vlad Dascalu, the Romanian star who won the XC world championship and the 2019 World Cup, using two Repente styles, Aleena and Prime, for his racing bike. 

      Carbon fibre is our raw material of choice. 

      To enhance its mechanical properties and lightness, we have chosen autoclave processing. In plastic-based saddles, the innovative LCF technology uses long carbon fibres to make the shell more resistant and non-deformable. The quality of the materials is also reflected by differentiated thickness padding, a key factor for your comfort. 

      The anatomical and ergonomic shape of the Repente saddles adapts very easily to both men's and women's bodies, thanks to the special shaping of the ischial support points and the anatomical channel designed to relieve perineal and prostatic pressure.