Judge for yourselves!

Comfort in the saddle is a measurable fact: so we measured it. Pain, numbness, cysts, inflammation and other disorders resulting from an unsuitable seat are not only annoying, but can affect the quality of your cycling experience and your health. Repente saddles have been designed on the basis of anatomical and ergonomic studies, nothing in their shaping and sizing is left to chance: they are scientifically created with the sport bicycle user average normotype in mind. 

Our saddles have undergone rigorous electronic pressure tests with outstanding results – which even exceeded our own expectations. Two different comparative analysis sessions with our main competitors’ models were carried out by independent bikefitters in Italy and in the Netherlands. The results are virtually identical. 

Pressure applied by the saddle to the cyclist’s body in the various pedalling positions is measured in millibars. Judge for yourselves!

Source: Anno Pieterse an independent full time bike fitter

These results prove that Repente saddles are the products that best adapt to the cyclist’s body shape, and are therefore among the most comfortable saddles currently available on the market. The figure that best reflects this performance is 38.2% more comfort  – obtained by Comptus. 

Just saying that a saddle is super-comfortable is easy; proving your statement with graphs and hard figures is something that not everyone can actually do. 





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